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Matecat Translation World Cup

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Matecat Translation World Cup.

bagati mare si dati share si like

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I am trying to prove a point. That is that you do not need to know 1 mil people to get a million views. please prove me right!


google says „Happy bday, Ioana!”

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I am that important! 🙂


te pupez, sa ne traiesti

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via Radu San!

killing spree

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… of targets!

went on and shot me some imaginary people yesterday at the shooting range! it was sextastic!
mind you… I would make an excellent redneck!
shot me a handgun and a semi-automatic. and although His Highness kicked my butt when it came to aiming and scores, I think I did pretty well for my first time. very well actually as I have busted a cap in my target’s head. it was hot.

and I got me a t-shirt… for free from the owner. the shirt says, ‘moje muška je v klidu’ (my aim is steady – but it’s a wordplay:)

so I leave you with videos.
Thank you Your Highness for making this happen.